There is the ever popular saying that “You can always get better,”. After talking with some of my peers and listening to their comments I have come up with some ways that I can improve this blog.

Audience Engagement

  • As of today I have 93 views, I could probably increase the traffic on this blog by posting to my Facebook groups or emailing the link to close family and friends. I will proceed to do these things so that I can get a wider audience. The blog The Comic Side of Life which gets a lot of views because it gets posted on Facebook a lot.


  • I have not been getting much feedback on my actual blog, although I did have one comment from Alex who said that he enjoyed my post on Montana de Oro because it was easy to read with short, focused paragraphs and bullet points.
  • Katie said that she likes my pictures and the use of videos in my posts.
  • I got a comment from someone that used my blog as a reference for their own blog, KaMi Consulting.

Topic Choice

  • Katie also said that she liked the topics on the bucket list and that they were things that were likely to be on most college students bucket lists.
  • Ashley says that the information on the blog is relevant and gives good tips about places to go in SLO and fun events to attend.
  • The topics that seem to attract the most attention are the ones relating to beaches and things to do when you’re there, so I will be doing more of those posts in the future.

Room for Improvement

  • Dillon mentioned that my blog could focused more locally on San Luis Obispo rather than all of San Luis Obispo county because most students that attend Cal Poly do not live all throughout the county. So I will be focusing my future posts to events and things to do in SLO rather than in the whole county.
  • I can also improve this blog by making my posts more conversational and exciting rather than like you are reading a brochure for the place. I will do this by changing my tone and giving tips for things to do that college kids will like since they are my main audience.

Thanks for your feedback and support!!!