Lake Nacimiento is a popular camping resort for people from all over California. Luckily for us college students, it is only about an hour outside of San Luis Obispo! There are many options for staying at this resort, you can either stay in the cabins or camp at the campgrounds.

The lake offers rentals for all different types of water toys and boats so you are guaranteed to have a good time! The weather gets really warm during the summertime so the cool water feels amazing on a hot day.

Some advice for your trip:

  • bring lots of water and food
  • bring sunscreen, it gets really hot during the day
  • bring lots of blankets for the cold nights
  • camp at the Pine Knoll campground, it’s closest to the water

Check out this video of my camping trip to Lake Nacimiento. It gives some tips and testimonials and shows some awesome water sports. You have to make sure you cross this camping trip off your SLO Graduation Bucket List! You will have a good time no matter what.